Welcome to Green Brooms Music Academy

"Green Brooms Music Academy was created to be a place where anyone, no matter his or her age, experience or interests could come to receive the gift of music. Although I do enormously appreciate the dedication and sheer determination that it takes to be a virtuoso or professional musician, I know that most music lovers do not necessarily dream this grandly; not everyone has the same motivation for learning or takes the same musical path. Does this mean then that this sacred gift of music, this unending source of passion and joy is off-limits for most people? I never thought so. And I’ve spent a great deal of my life proving that music is for every man, woman and child who desires to open themselves to it. I’ve seen it change people’s lives and I opened Green Brooms Music Academy to give myself and other dedicated music instructors an opportunity to bring that gift to as many people as possible."
~ Gyllian Morris Lozano, Founder, Director & Instructor

In a world where inspiration can be difficult to find, we at Green Brooms believe in the power of music to enrich lives and inspire souls. We sincerely love passing on to others this unwavering source of passion in our own lives and strive to continue to do so in as many ways as possible. With our instructor's many, many years of musical training and performance experience and deep commitment to quality and professionalism, Green Brooms Music Academy is the choice for musical instruction in Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area. Please contact Greens Brooms Music Academy today to determine how our services can best meet your needs.

Our Instructional Services Include:
Vocal Coaching for singers, actors, voice-over actors & public speakers
Acoustic & Electric Guitar Instruction
Piano Instruction
Violin & Viola Instruction
Cello & Upright Bass Instruction
Drum & Percussion Instruction
Private Music Theory, Composition & Notation Instruction
Jazz, Classical & Flamenco Guitar Instruction
Mandolin Instruction
Banjo Instruction
Ukulele Instruction
Bass Guitar Instruction
Music Studio Recording
Music Technology Instruction

Other Services
Chamber & Ensemble Music Instruction/Classes
Workshops & Masters Classes for students, performers, & professionals
Showcases & Concerts